Machine Compostion

Interchangeable pneumatic unwind mandrel, coupled to a magnetic powder brake, with roll end stop. Pneumatical mandrel diam. 76 mm.

• 1 Flag detector and splice detector as option.
• 1 Pneumatical splicing table.
• 3 Sensors (in standard) automatically stopping the web at the second splicing table when
a missing label or waste matrix fault is detected, i.e. in front of the operator's sit.

• 1 Automatic web guide.
• 1 Second splicing table positioned in front of the operator, used in order to replace the
missing labels, and to rewind the waste material.

• 1 System of double nip rollers to keep a regular tension in the slitting unit.
• 1 Rotary slitting unit cassette which can be set up on or out of the machine.

This cassette is using male and female blades with lateral registration system and an upper movable part allowing to change the knives without web break

(4 knives in standard).

• 1 Waste rewinding unit with separated driven motor.
• 1 Pre-adjustment of the web on the rewinding mandrel.
• 1 Integrated trim blower.
• 1 Rewind shaft (pre-selected inside or outside rewind) driven by an electronic  independent motor.

• 1 Individual preselectable label or length counter.
• 1 Ergonomic control front board with inflation pedal to inflate mandrels and start position.

• 1 Ergonomic storage of the mandrels at the working place.
• 1 Touch panel.
• EC and UL standard.

Technical Information

Max. web width 350 mm
Max. unwind roll diameter 950 mm
Max. rewind roll 500 mm
Max. mechanical speed 270 MPM / 885 FPM
Max. number of knives 10 (4 in standard)
Min. distance between two knives 12 mm
Power requirement 380 V tri + neutral 4 kW
Air requirement 6 bars - 2,5 Nm3/h
Dimensions L 2270 x W 1260 x H 1750 mm