The LABCON unit from SMAG has been designed to fulfil
the need of simple but efficient and high quality converting
solution for digital applications. This machine is using the
high expertise of SMAG in this field with existing models
such as Digital Galaxie and Digital Comet.



Unwinder section
• Pneumatical mandrel diam. 76 mm
• Powder brake
• Splicing table
• Web guide type E & L (ultra-sonic sensor)

Converting section : semi-rotary + finishing
• 1 Semi rotary die cutting station including:
- Magnetic cylinder from 12'' to 20'' (16'' in standard)
- Automatic re-registration sensor
- Servo motor unit
- Touch screen control panel
- Possibility to modify the anamorphosis
• 1 Waste rewinding unit
- Rewinding roller
- Upper bars system (according to the job)
- Waste tension control, with Teflon coated rollers fully synchronized with the machine
- Independently driven waste rewinding mandrel (76mm dia )
• 1 Slitting cassette with pneumatical knives (4 in standard and 4 as option)
• 1 Rewinding shaft with electronic tension controls, each completely independent of the other used
independently or alternatively
• 1 Photocell for programmable reel length or label count as required
• 1 General fascia with all commands
• 1 Touch screen operator interface for the programming and presetting system

• UV/ Infra-red flexo head full rotary or semi-rotary
• Shear knives and razor blades cassette system
• Corona treatment and web cleaner
• Second rewinding shaft
• Gap Master