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The UV Digital Flexo press for food packaging
M6 LINE – Printing Press for Food Packaging
M6 line, the press which changes the future of Flexible Packaging. A combination of in-line UV Flexo, REVO Digital Flexo and the new revolutionary V-Flower print unit allow for job change overs literally in 1 minute, "on-the-fly" without stopping the press, with up to 95% press up-time. The most productive press to economically produce ultra-short up to mid runs. A new Flexible Packaging job can literally start production in 1 minute, with the highest print quality ever. And the highest health safety for the final consumer, also for food packaging.
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M5 LINE For Labels and Flexible Packaging
M5, the "unlimited substrates" press. BOBST Digital Automation™ concept transforms flexo printing and die-cutting into a "digital" process. A "digital work flow" with integrated printing and converting technologies allows for 10 meters of waste and 1 minute for each job change, the highest quality consistency, and the lowest operating costs. A true "digital" revolution for the Labels and Packaging industry.
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The perfect press to print with excellent register quality
M4 in line flexo press
The most effective printing press line in BOBST portfolio, M4 takes the advantages of Digital Flexo™ and Excellence™ technologies with the simplest and most durable semi-servo electronic drive. M4 line introduces new accuracy standards in servo controls and in manufacturing, to achieve excellent register quality and stability, to eventually print extended 7 colour gamut with perfect registration, at all speeds. M4, M5 and M6 presses share the same technology platform to perform the full BOBST Digital Automation program.
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.  We offer the best machines for label printing in the industry. Short web path on over-dimensioned chilled drums for “positive” web transportation and accurate temperature control on most “delicate” substrates. Also LLDPE can be printed, as well as 15 microns BOPP, alufoil and cartons, on the same press, with excellent register stability. No VOCs, totally inexistent risk of fire, explosions on press or in the company due to ink solvents etc. No solvent recovery etc. Very limited safety constraints. Ink can be stored in non-explosion proof rooms. Easy and fast press installation or move anywhere in the production site – easy press relocation. Clean working environment, without solvents in the air – no odours.  

No need to wash the print units during shift changes, the ink stays in the tray without evaporating, for days. Exceptional print quality, up to 80 lines per cm/200 lines per inch, and more. No need of highly skilled operators due to the simplicity of the UV Flexo process. No need of highly skilled operators due to the simplicity of the UV Flexo process. Very user-friendly operations, print unit open from the top, same comfortable low operating level on all print units, and extremely easy to access print unit, with simple ink changes, sleeve changes etc. High print quality stability (UV ink does not dry on the printing plates) during mid and long runs. Easy repeatability of PMS colours.

BOBST Digital Flexo process
BOBST M1 Inline Flexo
BOBST M6 Inline Flexo
BOBST M5 Inline Flexo